Personal Financial Readiness Program (PFRP)

Information, education, and counseling! PFMP offers long-term solutions to financial problems by providing you with the information needed to develop a sound budget and plan for a strong financial future.


23-27 Feb 2015 

The Military Saves Campaign is a chance for servicemembers and their families to assess their own savings status and take financial action. Studies have shown that having a savings plan with specific goals can have beneficial financial effects, regardless of income level.  This year's theme is "Set a Goal. Make a PLan. Save Automatically."

All over america people just like you are proving that you do not have to be rich to build wealth. As members of Military Saves, they are paying off debt and saving to reach their financial goals. Military Saves and the Airman and  Family Readiness Center (AFRC) can help with tips and tools to help you set goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, and to start savings. Take the saver pledge and start making you dreams a reality!


Do you have a budget?

Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. Unlike what you might believe, budgeting isn’t about restricting what you spend money on and cutting out all of the fun in your life. It is really about understanding how much money you have, where it goes, and then planning how to best allocate those funds.

If you need assistance with budgeting, credit, and savings please call us at 813-828-0145 and request an appointment with one of our consultants. We have two certified financial counselors at the MacDill AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center.

Financial Workshops

If you would like to attend one of our financial classes
please call 813-828-0145 and reserve a space. You can estalish an account at
    and register for classes.







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